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Or do we soon forget the things we cannot see?

"Happy Phantom", Tori Amos
Where the dog may roam

Where the dog may roam

I recently posted on Facebook I am going to be taking a bit of time away from social media, so I really don’t know what that means for blogging – I suppose it is also included, my time online has been sporadic at best. I am no longer creative and have no inspiration or drive to create or stretch whatever artistic wings I had developed while in Beirut. 

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Quote of the Week

Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate (online and in person) so that you're part of the solution...

Some days you're the dog, others you're the hydrant...

Some days you’re the dog, others you’re the hydrant…

First steps – it has been a while since I have posted and I still really have nothing to say or share that I feel is worthy enough to “impart” to all ya’ll.  I did stumble across the quote a while back and felt it needed to be shared, so there ya go. I am moving into the new apartment next week and still am completely undone and out of place where I am at. Love my job, love the people I serve and work with, but hate the situation I am placed in – so far from home where I need to be. Nothing can be done about that currently, so will have to make do. Two respites have been bike riding and shooting, but as much as I’d like a paddleboard or kayak again I can’t squeeze the funds out just yet.

Well, that’s it and likely all you’re going to get for an update anytime soon!

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